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Search Engine Optimisation - SEO South Africa

One huge mistake that a lot of businesses make is to spend thousands upon thousands of rands on a really powerful website that nobody ends up seeing. It's like buying a really powerful engine and not having a car to put it in. You need a chassis or you're not going anywhere. You need a search engine optimisation specialist or SEO company to help you!

Do you want a high ranking on Google and other Search Engines?

Most web designers don't even consider SEO services or internet marketing when designing a website. They worry about how the website looks and don't focus on how they going to get people who are looking for that product. Using SEO marketing is a key factor in driving relevant leads to your business! The good news is most websites can be optimised as they are. They usually require a bit of work but generally websites may be optimised for the search engines quite easily.SEO

Another thing they try to do is they try to sell you the "package" and they'll submit you to a few hundred search engines. The truth of the matter is there is only really one search engine that you want to place in, and i bet you already know which one we're talking about. Google. They log 2 billion searches a day which is estimated from about 300 million people per day. So the truth of the matter is that when you want traffic there's only really one major place to get it from. However when you do proper Search Engine Optimisation [SEO], you are in fact catering for all search engines.

Search Engine Optimisation/SEO is a process.

There is no such thing as instant gratification when it comes to SEO services. It can be a very long process but however is definitely worth the time and effort. Oppose to Cost-per-click(CPC) advertising, SEO provides your business with an asset. CPC is a once off. Because every industry is different we urge you to contact us for an obligation free quote. We will explain the process to you and you decide whether you want to go ahead with it or not. We're the only place to look when you need SEO marketing in South Africa or Internationally.

We however recommend that you do not hesitate, the longer you wait the more difficult it will become as more people will start performing SEO on their websites.Have a look at some of our testimonials for an indication as to the quality of work performed. At Padraic we're SEO professionals through and through.